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AirShou App Historical When AirShou hit the market in 2015, people called it like they saw it: a great app with an eastern name. Turns out, the original intention was to pronounce it as “AirShow” but the Chinese origin made people think differently. Regardless, it became the best screen-recorder app in circulation and has held […]


Historical iEmulators was created in November 2013 for easy-install emulator apps that don’t require a jailbreak. The idea started as a temporary hobby replacement that grew to stand on its own two feet. It began with little to no structure until 2014 when it started to grow. They makers decided to put all their effort […]


iPhone Users Should Use an Alternative Appstore If you are an iPhone owner, there is a chance that you have heard of, or the Alt Store as it is also known. The website started as a humble collection of web code, but has grown into something that some iPhone users find more useful than […]


TweakBoxApp Review – Why Should You Submit Your Own TweakApps To The Apple App Store? With TweakBoxApp you can submit your own apps to this App Store, get a top ranking and earn money. You have access to hundreds of non approved apps that other developers develop for this App Store. Additionally, many other independent […]


BuildStore Historical is an enduring alternative app store that first showed up on the radar all the way back in 2013 when the builders of MacBuilderServer founded the new service. They grew steadily for the next two years and gained the trust of the alternative app community by prioritizing customer service and offering a […]