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TweakBoxApp Review – Why Should You Submit Your Own TweakApps To The Apple App Store?

With TweakBoxApp you can submit your own apps to this App Store, get a top ranking and earn money. You have access to hundreds of non approved apps that other developers develop for this App Store. Additionally, many other independent developers submit to this AppStore, known as the TweakBoxApp distribution service.

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What makes TweakBoxApp different from other alternatives to the AppStore?

The major difference is that it is an all-in-one app developer package. This means that a user can upload their Tweaks, make a tweak, submit it to the TweakBoxApp distribution service, and then finally pay you the appropriate amount.

When you submit your app to the Apple App Store, you are going to need the proper tools. This includes a Mac, Apple developer tools, graphics, and Photoshop. This will help you optimize your app to help it run fast and optimized.

In addition to developing your app for the Apple platform, you will also need to create a graphics design for your website. This is going to allow visitors to interact with your app. Once this is complete, you can then create your marketing strategies.

At this point, it is also crucial to understand that although the actual development and creation of your app take place on your Mac, you can submit the code as a native iOS application. This is similar to how people who are experienced developers do their work. The resources are shared between Mac and iOS platforms.

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AppStore Discussion

However, the true power of the Apple Appstore comes from its interface. This means that any updates made to your app will be automatically distributed to all users of the Apple platform. This is referred to as a bridging update and these updates are sent out automatically every time there is an updated version of the App Store.

What kind of apps are offered through the TweakBoxApp distribution service?

Some examples include: health and fitness apps, games, music, and RSS feeds. There are thousands of other apps that other developers are sharing with the Apple platform. Through the program, you can learn about new apps that are being developed and help develop new apps for others.


You can also offer cashback to those who make purchases through your website. If you offer cashback, you earn an extra income by gaining money back when a customer makes a purchase from your website. Because of this, you can make money and earn money in a manner similar to a network marketing business.

In addition to cashback, you can offer a full money back guarantee so that customers know that they can get a refund if they aren’t satisfied with your services. You can also offer memberships to different websites. Members are required to become members of the websites you offer credit card memberships, Google Play prepaid cards, iTunes prepaid cards, Amazon gift cards, or PayPal.

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You can offer trials of your app to a specific group of people. These would include anyone who wants to test the compatibility of your app with their device. After testing the app, these customers can decide whether or not to buy your app.

If you are a programmer and are looking to create and manage an app for the Apple iOS platform, you have to realize that it takes time and effort to develop your app. You also have to prepare your submission forms and submit them to the Apple App Store. However, with the help of the top alternative AppStore service, you can develop and submit your own app without having to devote time to it.