What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper is a third-party appstore that offers a large selection of games and apps without jailbreaking your device. It includes a number of the popular Cydia apps, as well as exclusives like Panda Speeder. Unlike some Altstores, Panda Helper’s store is based online, so you can download their apps from their website – pandahelp.vip.

When was Panda Helper created?

Panda Helper has been around since November 2017. While its functionality has largely remained the same over the years, its selection of apps has grown. In April 2017 they launched a blog, which can be subscribed to as a way to keep up with new apps being added to their store.

Is Panda Helper safe?

Panda Helper is safe to access and download apps. It’s been verified by many people in the iOS non-jailbroken community. It does not require an Apple ID to work. The only concern for safety comes from the individual apps in the store, but the developers are monitoring for any security concerns and can be contacted on Twitter @PandaHelperApp and other social platforms.

I noticed while researching this appstore that there’s a link to a Chinese government website in the website’s footer. While this certainly seemed a little strange, I can assure you that it’s actually a positive. The link, and text in the footer, is an indication of the website’s ICP License. According to Lexology obtaining an ICP License is a requirement of all websites hosted on the Chinese mainland.

How to install and use Panda Helper

Downloading apps from panda Helper is simple. You just go to www.pandahelp.vip. It’s best to use your phone because you’ll download the apps directly from the site. Panda Helper has a store for Android apps as well as iOS, so for iOS make sure you click on “iOS Apps” at the top of the page. Panda Helper is best known for their collection of modded games. You can download apps by searching directly (for example: Minecraft, Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies to name a few). Just like the Apple App Store, just click download and enjoy!


Sometimes when apps aren’t downloading properly or functioning correctly, it’s easily fixed by clearing the cache on your web browser or by trusting the apps. To trust the app, follow these steps for iOS:

  • Go to settings on your iOS device
  • Locate and tap of General
  • Navigate to Profiles & Device Management
  • Open the store’s profile and tap to trust to enable it

Is Panda Helper VIP worth it?

Panda Helper offers a VIP membership for $19.99 per year. VIP is only available on one device, and cannot be transferred to a new device, so make sure you don’t plan on getting a new phone shortly after subscribing. Some people in the community have suggested that VIP is becoming the only way to use Panda Helper, and they have reported all the apps under the free plan are either being revoked or constantly ‘under repair’ according to the app. As of March 11, Panda Helper’s twitter page says they are fixing the apps.

The VIP membership comes with some perks including Panda Speeder (an app that speeds up gameplay), Panda Auto Clicker (which taps on the screen for you) and Panda Cloner (which allows up to 3 copies of apps to be run). However, not all apps can utilize those features. Since December 2018, VIP has taken ads out of some games as long as the developer doesn’t add them directly.

Similar to Panda Helper

Although it’s hard to imagine, if you run out of apps you like on Panda Helper there are a number of alternatives you can try. Here are some of the top apps like Panda Helper: