Historical is an enduring alternative app store that first showed up on the radar all the way back in 2013 when the builders of MacBuilderServer founded the new service. They grew steadily for the next two years and gained the trust of the alternative app community by prioritizing customer service and offering a massive library to charm customers onto their site. That being said, their graphics and interface remained pretty bare-bones up through 2017, until a surge of popularity in August, 2018, that pushed them to the next level.

By the fall of 2019, Build Store looked, operated, and marketed like a professional service with an even bigger menu of apps to choose from. Now, they offer standard or exclusive access for a monthly fee and get rave reviews on twitter and reddit alike. They boast over 15,000 active users daily!

Offer Any Special Features

With you don’t have to worry about your certificates being revoked, ever! Once you download your app, you’re good. Technically, the certificates are just less likely to get pulled, but long-time users report this is rare and usually involves other variables. Customers have taken advantage of this rock-solid feature on multiple devices for many years at a time without issue, earning Builds a special place within the heart of the community.


Build Store allows you to install apps directly onto your iOS device using Safari. They’ve taken advantage of loopholes in Apple’s code to allow direct installation without having to jailbreak. By connecting developers with their market, and taking advantage of more than 50,000 apps rejected by AppStore every month, they are the longest standing store to date.

You start by making an easy-to-use account and beginning your subscription. Confirming the device you want to use is easy and can be taken care of quickly with the Native Email app. Although you do have to swallow a one-time fee and pay for the apps, the security and quality you’re getting is well worth it. Builds has categories for retro and modern gaming, utilities, emulators, social networks, and more.

Common Questions

Is safe to use?

Yes, the product is streamlined and secure on all sides. You won’t have any issues with the downloads themselves and they’ve spent years screening for malware, porn, and other insidious viruses to keep them out. Keeping on good terms with indie developers is a must for them as an online retailer, and they wouldn’t have made it this long if they hadn’t made security a priority.

What does the Build Store do best?

These guys are the kings of variety and can match-make any developer or customer with the content of their choice. We’d recommend them most for emulator and torrent apps, but really, if you’re looking for a well-stocked store, no jailbreaking, and a service that keeps you on the light side of the marketplace, this is the place for you.

We should add that it’s still important to be a smart consumer yourself and screen the apps in this vast archive. The quality may vary and if your app crashes quickly or is misleading once you open it, maybe keep searching. It’s hard for them to screen the thousands of products they have, but as long as your a user in their system, you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

What is Build Store doing in the face of the new Apple changes to certifications?

Like the rest of the community, is testing and adjusting for the future. But if we had to put our money on an alternative app store to stand up for the new, while maintaining the consumer protection of the old, we put our money on Builds.


General Research


BuildStore content is aimed at loyal indie developers. BuildStore allows you to install applications directly from the browser on your device. A violation of Apple’s Content Policy will result in your app being thrown out of the App Store. Buildstore gives you access to the latest and best apps, games, videos and other content. Sources: 5

Android has a larger global market share than iOS, and iPhone users are the preferred destination for developers who spend more money each year on apps and in-app purchases. The company shuns apps that are controversial or potentially illegal in favor of apps that are accessed from a deeper level of the operating system, which is able to spread to competing platforms such as Android. However, there are compromises, such as the risk of opening your device to malware from dishonest developers. This leads to “jailbeaking,” which allows users to install apps that are not accepted in the App Store. Sources: 3

This may sound tempting, but it also has its downsides. It breaks the built-in – in the security framework, and you sacrifice the ability to get the latest iOS version. There are many other places where you can download and install apps that you can find in the App Store, such as the Google Play Store. BuildStore, which is used for in-house enterprise apps, is ideal for organizations that want to distribute it over – the – air (OTA) on managed devices. Sources: 2

For a relatively low price of $10 a year, this site offers a number of apps that are not allowed in the App Store. You don’t have to jailbreak your device to use it, as it uses a loophole in Apple code to install applications directly. There is some security risk, but with some common sense it should be a worthwhile way to get interesting apps without the hassle of jailbreaking. Sources: 3

BuildStore provides a way to install apps that are not available in the App Store. BuildStore assumes no responsibility for actions of the original app developer against the user or for actions that are used to exploit or misuse the optimized app downloaded on the platform. To maintain the stability of the app, they take the stability to avoid certification errors. Sources: 2

Businesses are registered and not authorised, which affects the way we regulate them. Companies can no longer offer regulated products or services. There is a risk that a company is knowingly operating a scam and has previously been authorised by the PRA or FCA. A company provides a product or service without the required authorization. Sources: 4

Edinburgh – Property lawyer and managing director of the self-building home service Buildstore, wants to defy expectations. Finding a market niche and creating a consumer service to fill it is not an activity associated with lawyers. With few homes coming on the market, there is not enough funding to hire a lawyer. Sources: 0

It should be remembered that most lenders will have a requirement that construction must be completed within two years, but this will vary from lender to lender. Although Thomas believes this is right and should be, affordability criteria can limit people’s borrowing, meaning they may have to put more money into the deposit. This is a big burden on lenders to make sure they lend responsibly. For a standard mortgage, the cost of setting up is about 1,000 to 2,500 pesos per month, or about 3,600 pesos for a two-bedroom house. Sources: 1

Traditional self-build products offer money in arrears until all phases are completed. The first phase is to release the money to buy the land. This works best for people who have a large deposit and own the land, as they can put their money into the loan if the lender gives them money to repay after completion. Once this money is released, it will be released in the second phase to finance construction. Sources: 1

BuildStore has developed its Accelerator product to alleviate cash flow difficulties when money is given in advance at this stage. This is to prevent anyone who returns from applying for further funding before it is made available. Mortgage brokers and lenders will work together to ensure that construction costs are reasonable and plausible for the type of project. Sources: 1

The apps themselves vary considerably in quality. An app called iNoCydia is reportedly a bad imitation that is even difficult to uninstall and is a Cydia alternative. Other apps appear to infringe copyrights. Marvel vs Capcom 2 can be downloaded for free, with a working version available from the US App Store for $4.99. Some are well optimized for the new iPhone model, but others crash at launch or shortly after, some crash and die at some point, while others do not work at all and crash at any point. Sources: 3

If you are looking for more than just one emulator, you may also be able to lock in your iPhone or even switch to Android, which offers a much wider range of apps without sacrificing security. However, the number of available apps with $10 in the price list is quite small, and the apps included are not of uniform quality. We do not emulate games that belong to you or that are not already in possession of copyrighted material or downloaded. Using this service can open your device to malware And / or cause harm to you or your family so that we are not responsible for loss or damage if you follow the instructions.

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