When was AppValley US created?

Born in February 2019 from the https://yalujailbreak.net/appvalley-hacked-by-founder/contentious split between two of its cofounders, the US version of AppValley is one of the most popular and actively updated iOS AltStores in the game. It is among the top alternatives to Cydia, and a major benefit of AppValley is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device to use it.


The history of AppValley dates back to 2017 when there was only one AppValley, so it’s no newbie and has built a very solid reputation.

What is AppValley US?

AppValley is an app store that works on both iPhones and iPads. It’s highly respected in the community and has been around for a long time. AppValley boasts a huge selection of iOS apps, especially tweaked versions of popular apps such as Instagram++, YouTube++ and Spotify++ to name a few. It is also constantly being updated with new content as well.

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What is the difference between AppValley US and AppValley China?

The cofounders of both versions of the App Store have similar websites and Twitter accounts, and claim to be the official one. Per the cofounder of AppValley US in a Reddit post: “The old domain and twitter account has been hacked by an ex co founder… They took @AppValley_vip, and are running the inferior version of our site with the same name.”


People in the AltStore community have questioned the motives of AppValley China since the split. Some folks have noticed suspicious activity involving their user data on the Chinese version, none of which is prevalent on the US version.

Is AppValley US safe?

The app store itself is 100% safe, having been verified by many people in the iOS non-jailbroken community. It does not require any permissions from your device to work, so your privacy isn’t touched either – you only need to install their profile onto your device. As with any app store (including the official Apple iOS Store) the only concern for safety comes from the individual apps themselves. However, the developers actively test apps to ensure they are safe to download and use.

Given the aforementioned security concerns over the different versions of AppValley, maybe the most important potential security issue is ensuring you are only accessing AppValley US and not mistakenly going to AppValley China. The difference between their URLs is merely a hyphen: (app-valley.vip vs appvalley.vip)so it’s extremely important to double check which website you go to. Since AppValley has only been around since February 2019, it’s best to avoid any AppValley links dated prior to then.

How do you download and install AppValley US?

Installing AppValley is easy. On your mobile device:

  • Visit app-valley.vip
  • Tap install underneath the AppValley icon
  • Tap allow if it asks to create a profile

The AppValley profile may not install itself automatically. To complete the installation, follow the next steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Profiles & Device Management
  • Under Downloaded Profile, tap on AppValley
  • Tap install on the top right

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How do you use AppValley US?

Once AppValley has been installed, you can use it to find apps to download to your device. Just open AppValley and search for the app your looking for. Tap on ‘install’ or ‘get’ next to the apps you want just like the regular App Store. They’ll download to your device and all yours to enjoy!

If you like AppValley and are having some troubles, check out: BuildStore!